Disaster Restoration

Look through many of our projects below showing the “Before Firstcall” and “After Firstcall” stages.
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Here are pictures showing the before and after of a major house fire restoration project.
Fire restoration showing a before and after of a bedroom.
Here is an example of wood millwork that needed replacement due to smoke impregnated materials.
Before and after of a mechanical room from a fire damage repair.
Fire restoration of a lower level rec room.
Fire damage restoration showing lower level bath area.
This customer took the opportunity during there disaster to add a master bedroom addition above the garage.
How about this kitchen restoration! There is no smoke smell left in this kitchen!
This project was a major fire restoration that the owner wanted to open up the floor plan for their families needs!
Here is a project that started as a house fire and ended up with a major kitchen remodel. We also opened up some of the walls to create a much larger feeling space.
This clearly shows how a family room can have new life after a fire!
Here is another condominium unit that was restored from smoke damage.
Here is a condominium living room that was restored after major smoke damage from a fire next door.
Fire restoration shots in Northwoods Condominium project.
This is a shot of a condominium living room before and after a fire.
Here is a condominium project showing the devastation from a fire and also the newly restored project!
A condominium fire showing the kitchen area.
Here was an interesting restoration project that we have completed. It was rare to find a concrete garage floor that was suspended with a steel beam with a non-accessible crawl space under it. The steel beam had rusted out due to condensation, and the floor along with an automobile went crashing down. No one was hurt and the project looked great after the restoration. (After photos of a restored garage is not very exciting to show however!)
Here is a major house fire that burned completely through the room which eventually came down in the center of the living room.
This was a large townhouse extensive fire restoration project that involved totally restoring four luxury townhomes.
Fireplace picture showing a before vs. after shot.
Fire restoration detail pictures.
More fire loss restoration shots.
Major fire loss restoration project featured here.
These pictures are examples of a deodorizing technique call "thermo-fogging". This is only one of our processes to guarantee not to smell smoke after a fire restoration project.
House fire restoration project.
Here is an interior area that was re-designed after a house fire.
Kitchen before and kitchen after!
Showing again how opening up some walls can dramatically change the feel of a home.
Another example of the home taking on a new look after a fire and a few walls removed!
During restoring this home after a major fire, we took the opportunity to open up the walls and change the entire feel of the home.
When a bad situation happens, we try to help in the recovery process.
Bathroom restoration and serious updating!
Here is a before and after picture of a fire restoration detail.
Major fire loss restoration and update.
When a major fire destroys a roof system, restoration works!
This fire had burned completely through the roof. When we arrived late one night to help board-up the property, the owner thought that there was no chance to restore her home, but here is the proof!
Here we have a kitchen that needed to be gutted from a house fire and then restored!
Here is a basement that was damaged by the water necessary to extinguish a severe fire upstairs. We used the opportunity to update many of the finishes.
Here is a kitchen that was restored after a terrible house fire.
Kitchen destroyed by a fire, then restored.
This was a terrible fire that happened when the homeowners weren't home. We had to restore every room in this house.
This was a terrible fire that needed the whole house restored.

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