Room Additions

Look through many of our projects below showing the “Before Firstcall” and “After Firstcall” stages.
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Here is a 2 story addition that presented several unique challenges and interesting features.
Here is an example of accessing the property for the concrete portion of the project.
This lower level room was designed for fun for the whole family enjoying the hot tub!
This upper level room was designed for a great place to spend time in a casual way enjoying the warmth of a wood stove!
This 2-story addition also included installing a wind turbine generator.
This room addition was featured as in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine.
This room addition was created to expand the dining area and create this wonder new kitchen!
Adding a window in a strategic location can add just the right touch.
This was a creative nook just off the kitchen.
This customer took the opportunity during there disaster to add a master bedroom addition above the garage.
Construction phase showing the complexity of this particular project.
This "Grand Piano" shaped room addtion more than doubled the size of the existing living room and what a view!
A contemporary room addition features a glass curtain wall with automated blinds and many other exciting features!
Sunroom addition which integrates well with the exterior architecture of this Urbandale home.
Room addition which enhances the original design!
Great room and garden room addition along with a large deck with a swimming pool.
Here is the completed gardenhouse that doubles as a playhouse for the owner's children!
Featured here is a nice porch cover addition along with a new pool and patio area.
More interior shots of additions.
How about a glass roof patio room!
This addition was designed to enhance the architectural style of the home.
This is a second story of an addition built for the soon coming grandchildren's fun!
These photos were taken looking toward a wall that was an exterior wall previous to the new room addition.
This 2-story room addition with a great room on the first floor and a recreation room upstairs for the visiting grandchildren!
This old farmhouse was remodeled to maintain its country feel.
This room with large windows was created to enjoy the view in an elegant setting.
See what a run-down little house can become!

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